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Brand identity for Porrima, a company based in Manchester which specialises in analysis and sales software solutions. Established for nine years, Porrima felt their old logo was dated and wanted to go back to the drawing board.


Visual identity

Porrima have developed some of the the most advanced proposal and tariff analysis systems available to the UK telecoms industry. In reflection of this they wanted a unique identity to represent what the company is all about - making complex simple.

Simply unique

The symbol represents the company's work process which involves Porrima, their client and the secondary client. Shades of purple highlight two figures, appearing at 45° angles within the icon, which in turn create a third figure with arms outstretched. A nod to the idea that putting heads together will result in a better solution.

Clear connection

The circles within the icon create shapes of the letters P and o, connecting perfectly with the logotype.

Clear space

The clear space around the logo has been set at an x-height which relates directly to the width of the circle within the icon and the letter o of the logotype.

Social media

I designed a series of eye-catching graphics to enhance the Porrima brand across social media platforms.

Promotional items

I designed a collection of promotional items, including mugs and mouse mats, to promote the new brand to new and existing clients.

Creative design

Porrima's old logo no longer represented the company, their new identity portrays the company's progress and will help it to become a recognisable brand within the industry. I have created a friendly yet professional logo which tells Porrima's story and gives customers insight into what the business is all about.

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