Latest projects

I designed the brand identity, online presence and marketing materials for ITR, one of the most established IT and AV equipment suppliers in Europe. With a wealth of knowledge in technology, ITR specialises in cutting-edge technology solutions for exhibitions, conferences and live events.


Visual identity

The ITR team didn't want to drop the recognisable circular symbol but specified the rebrand should express approachability and innovation. The first step was to balance the wordmark and symbol as the previous version appeared heavy and cumbersome. The new logo uses three interconnected circles, with centre points forming a progressive play symbol, to portray ITR's forward-thinking, solution-focussed service.

Digital design and UX

The ITR website sees a major overhaul, including much-improved product search, product categorisation and online quote system. The website is now a hub of knowledge, from the latest product innovations to event and venue information across Europe. View the website at

If you want to work together on a design project, speak to me on 07539 619426 or email

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